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3 Signals of Chronic Kidney Failure For Animals

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3 Signals of Chronic Kidney Failure For Animals
3 Signals of Chronic Kidney Failure For Animals

What is chronic kidney failure?


Chronic renal failure is a disease caused by a large and long-term progressive loss of functional kidney tissue, usually occurring in older animals. The currently identified causes include: pyelonephritis, renal amyloidosis, chronic urinary tract obstruction, congenital disease, glomerulonephritis, and tumors. Chronic renal failure must be distinguished from acute renal failure, which may be reversed.




3 signals of chronic kidney failure

1.Thirsty, polyuria, sometimes vomiting
2.Anorexia, weight loss, dehydration, oral ulcers, vomiting, diarrhea
3.Severe dehydration, vomiting, convulsions, anemia, and even coma
In animals that are palpated with end stage renal disease, the kidneys become smaller, irregular, or found to be enlarged in animals with tumors or hydronephrosis.


How to diagonose chronic kidney failure?

In biochemical diagonosis, the level of blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine and inorganic phosphorus will increase.Moderate to severe nonregenerative anemia, metabolic acidosis, and hypertension occur with reduced renal function. Osteoporosis can be detected by radiation.

The urine specific gravity of normal dogs is usually 1.008-1.029, while that of dogs with renal insufficiency can be fixed at 1.0088-1.012. In cats with chronic failure, urine specific gravity ranged from 1.008 to 1.034.

Angiography, abdominal ultrasound, specific renal function tests, urine cultures, and renal biopsies may determine the cause and severity of kidney disease.


How to prevnent chronic kidney failure of animals?


Severe loss of kidney tissue is a disease of permanent loss of function, and only a small number of normal tissue animals can survive for a long time. In particular, chronic kidney dysfunction (kidney failure) in cats is one of the most important diseases that currently cause death in cats. And once the disease is diagnosed, it cannot be cured unless a kidney transplant is performed. But unfortunately, pets are not able to do such surgery for the time being.
Therefore, the early diagnosis of kidney disease and the monitoring of the disease are very important, and an annual routine physical examination or special examination for the kidney is necessary.
If you are only mild (indirect) vomiting at an early stage, you should always give fresh water to limit protein intake. If the diet is improved and normal serum phosphorus levels are not maintained, a phosphate-binding gel containing aluminum hydroxide can be taken orally, and cimetidine (5 mg/kg, orally 3-4 times a day). In order to supplement the water-soluble vitamins lost due to urination, a compound B vitamin preparation should be orally administered.


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