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Coagulation Diagnosis for Animals

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Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
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Coagulation Diagnosis for Animals
Coagulation Diagnosis for Animals


The advantages of point of care testing devices in coagulation diagnosis.



For the coagulation diagnosis of animals, point of care testing devices has its’ own unique advantages(fast speed), they are especially helpful in some urgent cases or in the process of performing surgery when veterinarians need to make medical decisions.


Why need to test coagulation function?



1. Coagulation testing before performing the surgery: coagulation testing can avoid the risk of hemorrhage for animals.


2. Detecting the clotting factors: coagulation testing can test the state of the animal's endogenous coagulation system, and monitor the anticoagulant status of animals, especially those animals that need anticoagulant drugs to treat diseases.


3. Check whether coagulation drugs work.


4. Prevention of cerebral thrombosis: coagulation testing can detect whether the animal is in a hypercoagulable state in time, which is conducive to the early detection of cerebral thrombosis.


5. Prevention of myocardial infarction: coagulation testing can reflect the amount of fibrinogen (FIB), which is helpful for early detection of the acute myocardial infarction or cerebral thrombosis.


Coagulation Factors

Coagulation Diagnosis for Animals


Coagulation Cascade

Coagulation Diagnosis for Animals

As can be seen from the above picture, the coagulation process is divided into intrinsic pathways, extrinsic pathways and common pathways.


When the blood vessel wall and tissue are damaged and various coagulation factors are activated, a series of enzymatic reactions occur.


The final soluble fibrinogen is converted to insoluble fibrin and solidified.


How to interpret the result?


Prolonged APTT: intrinsic pathway factor deficiencies, low fibrinogen, severe liver disease, DIC


Prolonged PT: extrinsic pathway factor deficiency, low fibrinogen, vitamin K deficiency, severe liver disease.


Prolonged TT: fibrinogen reduction or structural abnormalities; increased FDP, such as fibrinolysis, increased circulating anticoagulant substances.


Prolonged FIB: Congenital fibrinogen deficiency; severe liver disease.

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