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How to Choose POCT Products for Distributors

Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
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How to Choose POCT Products for Distributors
How to Choose POCT Products for Distributors

How to Choose POCT Products for Distributors


For a distributor, how to choose a suitable POCT product? Generally, distributors tend to choose products that are easy to promote and profitable. When distributors choose products, don't go to extremes. You should find a balance between the two aspects. Here are 4 main aspects you should pay attention to.


Brand Influence


The brand influence is an essential part, but not the most important aspect. Famous brands ot only mean wide market visibility and good reputation, but also can help the distributors. For example, the good marketing training can help a lot.

The shortcomings of this kind of products: 1.have perfect agent channels 2.low profit margins 3.earning money fast, but not conducive to the long-term development 4. product innovation shortage , may be slowly eliminated by market emerging products.



This is also an aspect that distributors need to consider. But when choosing products, it’s not the cheaper the better.You get what you pay for, this sentence is also right in medical equipment industry.

There is no need to choose the most expensive products, high price doesn’t mean high quality.

For dealers, when choosing a product, the price must be paid attention to, but the price should be the only factor It is necessary to find a balance point in combination with other dimensions. It is better to  earn reasonable profits and maintain long-term development.


Principle of Testing

This is an important point that dealers need to pay attention to when choosing products. Regardless of the industry, technical iterations must be unavoidable, and the POCT industry is no exception.

POCT products that have wider detection range and better detection sensitivity will definitely replace the old technology, and it is better to take advantage of it for dealers.

Taking immunoassay as an example, in terms of technological advancement, chemical emission>time resolution>quantum dot>immunofluorescence>colloidal gold. Of course, there are other detection methods, such as immunoturbidimetry, up-lighting, magnetic sensitivity analysis, etc. These are non-mainstream methods.

POCT luminescence replacement must be a trend .Relevant dealers should respond positively.


Easy Operation

POCT operation should be convenient (the simpler the better), maintenance-free or less maintenance, in addition to reagents, less consumables or no other consumables. Do not be bulky.


Product Quality


Tis is the most important aspect. Distributors should evaluate a products from these aspects: one is the reputation of customers, the another is the principle of analysis (need to understand some technology, such as the influence of product methodology, liquid or dry reagents, products Vector (chromatography membrane, kit, microfluidic chip, etc.)

Of course, the most important point is to compare with the industry-recognized good products. Specific accuracy ,  (detection stability), lower limit of detection, etc.



In addition to the above dimensions, there are many other aspects.

For example, whether the device can support whole blood loading (need to process or calculate hematocrit). And the reagent form (dry or liquid phase, dry type is easy to storage and transport, the disadvantage the results is not as accurate as liquid phase.


Dealers need comprehensive evaluation, choose the right POCT products and develop own business


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