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POCT Devices vs Laboratory Equipment, What are the Advantages of POCT Devices?

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POCT Devices vs Laboratory Equipment, What are the Advantages of POCT Devices?
POCT Devices vs Laboratory Equipment, What are the Advantages of POCT Devices?

POCT devices vs laboratory equipment

What are the advantages of POCT devices compared with laboratory equipment?



Generally, POCT have these advantages compared with laboratory equipment.


1. Short turnaround time

2. Easy operation

3. No need to process sample

4. The sample of POCT is whole blood, and the sample of laboratory equipment is serum plasma

5. For POCT, no special training for operators, while the professional can operate the laboratory equipment

6. No need for frequent calibration

7. Reagents are always available 



This article will explain the pros of POCT devices in 4 points.


Wide range of applications


The earliest  application of POCT was for the detection of blood glucose and early pregnancy. With the development of technology, POCT is currently widely used in more places.



POCT is clinically applied to these areas: testing of pediatric disease and cardiovascular disease (B-type natriuretic peptide, troponin-I, myoglobin, CK-MB), diagnosis of infectious diseases, diagonosis of endocrine disease (blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin, urinary microalbumin), febrile disease testing, prenatal and postnatal care (TORCH-IgM five, anti-ovarian antibody, anti-uterine antibody, anti-clear zone antibody), and rapid diagnosis of allergens.



POCT is not restricted by the environment and is compact and portable, so that the application site of POCT extends from hospital to clinic, pharmacy, community, accident scene, family, and the application field extends to customs, forensic, anti-drug, food safety and environment protection.


 Quickly obtain test results


The testing of traditional equipment has long procedures, POCT's operational procedures are specimen collection, specimen analysis, quality control, and interpreting report.



Time is life has become the highlight of POCT.


Due to the characteristics of its on-site inspection, POCT greatly simplifies the operation steps and realizes short turn around time(STAT), which plays a huge role in first aid.


According to reports, if an hour after treatment for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), the mortality rate is about 1%;


six hours of treatment, the mortality rate is about 10% to 12%;


for every half-hour delay, the mortality rate increases by 1%.


If the diagnosis and timely perfusion treatment can save the patient's life, the importance of rapid diagnosis of POCT can be seen.


Saving Costs


The costs of laboratory equipment include direct costs (the costs of maintenance, the costs of reagents, the labor costs of workers etc.) and indirect costs (the costs of staff training , patient turnover, inspection sites, etc.)


The laboratory combines patient specimens in a centralized way, and the cost of a single POCT is higher than that of a laboratory.


However, considering all aspects, POCT reduces the time that patients go to the hospital, monitors the patient's condition, effectively controls the changes of the disease, reduces the hospital congestion, and occupies less health resources.


It can be completed by doctors and nurses or patients, reducing the configuration of inspectors;


And the rapid diagnosis of the disease is conducive to timely treatment, reducing the number of hospital stays, and has a huge role in first aid;


Considering all these factors, the overall cost of POCT is lower than the central laboratory.


Moreover, as the number of POCT developments and usage increases, the individual cost of POCT will decrease.


Providing humanized services

There are a large number of diabetic patients, and the number of patients with chronic diseases is increasing, and it is necessary to monitor the condition for a long time.


POCT devices can provide timely diagnosis for patients, and it is an effective way to help grassroots health development and improve the level of primary medical care, and provide patients with caring and humanized services.


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