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The Top 3 Publicly Traded POCT Companies of China

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The Top 3 Publicly Traded POCT Companies of China

The top 3 publicly traded POCT companies of China

With the wide range of applications and the unique advantages, the POCT(point of care testing) market is growing rapidly. In this article, the top 3 publicly traded company in China will be listed.


From the global market, the main players are Roche, Abbott and Chembio. These players have their own advantages and features.

Roche has gained the leading position by relying on the advantages of the products in blood glucose diagnosis and other aspects, and its market share is expected to exceed 15% in the global POCT market.

Abbott is the leading company in the diagnosis of blood gas and electrolyte. ChemBio, specialized in the HIV infection diagnosis.



The Top 3 Publicly Traded POCT Companies of China

Wondfo,  a globally recognized fast growing POCT leader in China, mainly specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of rapid diagnostic reagents and related equipment. Founded in 1992, the company is continually expanding its scale.


Wondfo has the various product line, the main products mainly cover 4 types: diagnosis of pregnancy, infectious disease testing, chronic disease testing and drug testing (the main market of drug testing is the United States). And wondfo owns research laboratories covering nearly 5,000 square meters in Guangzhou, and an overseas lab in Santiago.


The company is the first Chinese company that specializes in the in-vitro diagnostic reagent company that passed the FDA on – site assessment of “zero defects”.

It is also a large-scale export-oriented enterprise in Europe and the United States with a large number of POCT products.



The Top 3 Publicly Traded POCT Companies of China


GeteinBiotech' s product lines consist of cardiovascular, inflammatory, diabetes, fertility, renal, liver, and specialty assays among many others.


It is one of the earliest companies in China to successfully develop and produce cardiovascular reagents.

It has the leading domestic research and development and production capacity of cardiac marker quantitative testing products. The  heart marker detection of GeteinBiotech has reached the world's advanced level.


Most of the products adopt the quantitative testing, the principle of products are mainly the immune colloidal gold technique and the fluorescence.


As most companies in this industry adopts the immune colloidal gold techniqueIt determines Geoprotein's competiveness in this industry.


Wuhan Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Co., Ltd.

The Top 3 Publicly Traded POCT Companies of China


Wuhan Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Co., Ltd. maily focus on the diagnosis of cadiovascular and cerebrovascular products.

The features of Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Co., Ltd. is the infectious detection products, and it is also the first enterprise in China to achieve rapid detection of PCT procalcitonin and S100-β protein.

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