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What is Canine CRP(C-creative Protein)?

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What is Canine CRP(C-creative Protein)?
What is Canine CRP(C-creative Protein)?

What is Canine CRP(C-creative Protein)?




C-CRP (Canine C-reactive protein) is a major acute phase protein of dogs produced by the liver.

It is able to be in response to inflammation, infection and tissue injury quickly.


What is the features of CRP(C-creative Protein)?



C-reactive protein is a positive acute phase reactant, with concentrations increasing substantially (50 fold or more) and quickly in response to acute inflammation or trauma(usually within 4 to 6 hours).


In addition, concentrations also decrease rapidly with resolution of inflammation. C-reactive protein is one of the most sensitive markers of inflammation in dogs.


Measurement of CRP is useful to confirm the presence of underlying inflammation (particularly in the absence of other clinical or laboratory indicators of inflammation) and to monitor response to treatment.


The concentrations of CRP in healthy dogs is usually <10 mg/L, and in some cases, the healthy dogs may have higher values(up to 25 mg/L).



The C-CRP performance in diagnosing diseases of dogs.



Bacterial infections


CRP performance: The CRP can provide more accurate results than WBC and SAA. The concentrations of CRP in dogs with canine pyometra will increase 20 fold.



Viral infection


CRP performance: the C-CRP increase by 10 or more in dogs infected with parvovirus.



Blood parasitic infection


CRP performance: The sensitivity of C- CRP is higher than the white blood cells.

The canine heartworm disease will result in rapid increasing of C- CRP by 5 times.



CRP performance: CRP concentration increase significantly after traumatic surgery.




CRP performance: The C- CRP in dogs with breast cancer will increase significantly 2 times.

And the C-CRP in dogs with lymphoma, acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia will increase 5 -10 fold.





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