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How to Get Accurate Results When Testing Glucose at Home?

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How to Get Accurate Results When Testing Glucose at Home?
How to Get Accurate Results When Testing Glucose at Home?

How to get accurate results when testing glucose at home?


Diabetes is a common chronic disease that is a serious health hazard. Due to the aging of body and unhealthy diet, the number of people with diabetes is increasing rapidly. But how to test glucose correctly? What should be noticed?


What should be avoided when do glucose testing?


The following six types of conditions can lead to deviations in blood sugar, which needs to be paid attention.

(1). Check what you eat the night before. If you eat too much greasy food or eat dinner too late before going to bed. Or you eat few staple food and drink a lot.


(2) The time of drawing blood is too late. It is best to measure fasting blood glucose before 8 am.


(3)If you are under the situation of emotional disorders and lack of sleep. Emotional stress, anxiety, and excitement all stimulate the increase of adrenaline secretion and increase blood sugar.


(4).Exercise before drawing blood. In the morning, the detection of fasting blood glucose should be carried out without morning exercise, and it is not appropriate to walk to the hospital for a long time.


(5).Various stress states. Cold, excessive fatigue, colds, fever, diarrhea, and various acute infections or traumas.


(6).Other situations. Female menstrual period estrogen and progesterone levels will change, affecting blood sugar fluctuations, should try to avoid fasting blood glucose during this period. In addition, some diseases such as polycythemia are combined, and certain drugs such as β receptor agonists, thiazide diuretics, rifampicin, glucocorticoids and the like are used.


2.The 8 reasons of inaccurate results


(1). Not the blood glucose level measured at the same time, there is no comparability.


(2). Affected by insomnia, mood swings, etc.


(3). Disinfectant is not used properly.


(4). The blood collection method is incorrect.


(5.) No code adjustment before the test.


(6). The test paper is stored improperly or expired.


(7) Long-term non-calibration of the blood glucose meter.


(8). The blood glucose meter is not regularly cleaned and maintained.


The time of monitoring blood sugar


Fasting blood glucose refers to blood sugar after 8-12 hours of fasting, that is, blood sugar in the early morning fasting state, blood sugar is not included in the lunch and dinner.

Pre-meal blood sugar. Refers to blood sugar before lunch and dinner.

2 hours after the meal, blood sugar. The measurement should start from the first meal and until the end of 2 hours. It is not possible to start timing after eating the meal.

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