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How to Make Drawing Blood from Children Easier?

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How to Make Drawing Blood from Children Easier?
How to Make Drawing Blood from Children Easier?

How to make drawing blood from children easier?


For the diagnosis of disease, doctors need to draw blood from human bodies to make medical decisions. However it’s unpleasant experience not only for adults but children.

Especially for the children. Sometimes inappropriate operations can make the process of drawing blood become totally a disaster.

Children tend to feel scared of the experience of drawing blood. However, some tips may make the process much easier. To reduce the anxiety and fear of children, and make the process of drawing blood more successful.


1.Distract the attention of children.


Parents, nurses or doctors can use some things to attract the attention of the children. By using the toys or books that children like, or playing some music or videos can distract the attention of children.As children may feel scared when they see the blood drawing from the bodies, so distract their attention by something that they are interested can make them feel more comfortable.


2.Give the award.


Brave children deserve the award. Parents can give the award after drawing the blood.Children can learn to be brave and accept the challenge by experiencing the process of drawing blood.The awards can be the gifts that children look forward to receiving, a book, a toy, or a travel.


3.Count and Blow the Feeling


Blowing the feeling away is a useful technique. The slow exhale helps keep veins full and loose, which makes blood easier to draw. It helps the child both mentally and physically. Allowing the child to count to 3 or to choose someone to do the counting (the parent, nurse or technician, for example) gives the child more control. The child who does the counting is able to ensure he or she is mentally prepared before saying the last number, and the technician will be less inclined to insert the needle prematurely.


4.Tell the truth


Tell the children about the truth of drawing blood, tell them before drawing blood, what is drawing blood? Why need to drawing blood? What is the use of drawing blood

Some children can understand the meaning, and they can accept the explanation. And they will try to be brave.


5.Bring a friend


The accompany of friends and parents can make the children feel less anxious.So bring the friends or the parents of the children, holding the hands of the kids when necessary.


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