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How to Prepare Samples Correctly Before Using the Biochemical Analyser?

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Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
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How to Prepare Samples Correctly Before Using the Biochemical Analyser?
How to Prepare Samples Correctly Before Using the Biochemical Analyser?


Though the operation of the biochemistry analyzers is very easy, only 3 steps, but there are also some requirements for the samples that are going to be tested. Users need to pay attention to the preparations of the samples. Some rules are necessary to follow to make the results more accurate.


Users' Guidelines:

  • Add 100ul sample volume into the reagent tray, the allowed volume range is 90-120ul (It is suggested that take no less than 250ul when collecting blood, in case need to test it again).


  • It is recommended to use heparin lithium anticoagulant tube on sample-processing.


  • After collected the blood, put the blood sample into the heparin lithium anticoagulant tube immediately then hold the tube upside down 3-5 times, to make sure the sample and anticoagulant mixed together evenly.




  • The whole blood must be analyzed or transformed to plasma and serum within 30 minutes after been collected, it might affect the accuracy of test results if the blood sample was collected a long time ago.
  • Do not put the whole blood sample into the freezer or shake it intensively, in case the hemolysis phenomenon appeared.


  • If the test can not be done in time, it should be divided into serum and plasma, store in sealed and in the prevention of light at 2-8 degrees, the test must be done within 24 hours, no more than 30 days if Store it at -20 degree.


  • Meanwhile, repetitive freezing-thawing should be avoided. The test result shows no significance of clinical treatment and the analytical concentration might change if these constructions can not be satisfied.


  • In order to get the right test results of glucose, the patient must stay empty at least 12 hours before the test.


  • The sample should be anticoagulant whole blood without clot, or serum, plasma without hemolysis. Automatic dry biochemistry analyzer has a built-in Centrifugal function, the test will begin after the anticoagulant whole blood divided into plasma automatically, the anticoagulant sample should use heparin lithium anticoagulant that cause little affection on biochemistry examination.


  • To collect the sample, must be done by professional with glove, mask and uniform to avoid polluting the sample.


  • When the sample can not satisfy the test requirements or has been polluted, please follow the to dispose it, using special packing or container for medical waste with a clear warning sign and instruction.


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