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How to Read the Report of Liver Function Test

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How to Read the Report of Liver Function Test
How to Read the Report of Liver Function Test

Have you ever encountered such a situation? You went to the hospital and did a testing of liver function, but when you received the report of the medical examination, you feel very confused, and you cannot understand the report exactly, this article mainly tells you how to understand the report of liver function test.


What’s the role of the liver in human body?


The liver is the largest digestive gland in the human body, its function is very complicated. The liver is mainly involved in the metabolism of matter and is also an important detoxification organ.


How to test liver function?

There are many items for liver function tests, and routine physical examinations generally are three types of tests. The physical examination item that reflects liver cell damage, the item that reflects liver secretion and excretion function, and the item that indicates the function of synthesis reserve function of liver.


1.Liver Biochemical Examination for Detecting Hepatocyte Injury.


.Aspartate Aminotransferase(AST)

.Alkaline Phosphatase(ALP)

.Gamma-glutamyl Transpeptidase(γ-GT)


The increase of ALT


The increase of ALT is more common in acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. Fatigue, alcohol and cold can also lead to the increase of ALT. The reference level of ALT is 0~40 units, if the level is higher than 80 units, it is better to go to hospital.


The increase of AST


When the liver is damaged, the AST will be released into the bloodstream, the normal reference level is also 0~40 units.


The increase of ALP


When the human body is suffering from obstructive jaundice, primary liver cancer, secondary liver cancer and cholestatic hepatitis, the level of ALP will rise. But for teenagers, the ALP is also active in their bone issue. Besides, for the pregnant women and those who are in the period of fracture healing, and the people have osteoporosis, liver abscess, hyperthyroidism, the level of ALP in the body will ascent.


The increase of γ-GT


The ascent of γ-GT can be seen in primary and metastatic liver cancer, biliary obstructive disease, liver parenchymal disease and alcoholic liver injury. When the level of ALT is normal, and the level of γ-GT increase continuously, it is a signal of chronic hepatitis.


2.Liver Biochemical Examination for Detecting the Function of Liver Secretion and Excretion


.Total Bilirubin(TBIL)

.Direct Bilirubin(DBIL)

.Indirect Bilirubin(IBIL)


The sum of indirect bilirubin and direct bilirubin is total bilirubin. The lifespan of red blood cells is 120 days, after it is destroyed, IBIL is formed, it is converted to DBIL in the liver. The bilirubin test is mainly used for jaundice examination, reflecting liver disease and intestinal obstruction. For example, when the liver is inflamed or necrotic, poisoning and other damage will cause jaundice. Intestinal diseases and hemolytic diseases can also cause jaundice.


3.Item for reflecting liver synthesis and reserving function


.Total Protein(TP)



.White Ball Ratio(A/B)


After strenuous exercise, heavy drinking or staying up late, serum total protein will be in a high level. Impaired liver function or malnutrition, the level of total protein and albumin will be low. Low globulin indicates low immunity, or liver damage caused by taking certain drugs that damage the liver.White ball ratio reference range is 1.5~2.5, the high level of A/B is generally not clinically significant. Low white ball ratio is generally an indicator of chronic liver disease.





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