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the Applications of Biochemistry Analyzer

Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
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the Applications of Biochemistry Analyzer
the Applications of Biochemistry Analyzer

In clinical testing, biochemical analysis is very important. Biochemical analysis is realized by an automatic biochemical analyzer, a tool for clinical biochemical detection that integrates electronics, optics, computer technology and various biochemical analysis techniques.


The mainstream products on the market are fully automatic discrete biochemical analyzers, which have great potential in structural design and function development as well as new technology applications. Due to the fast measurement speed, high accuracy and low consumption of reagents, the biochemistry analyzers have been widely used in hospitals, epidemic prevention stations and family planning service stations. At the same time, the reagent manufacturers have also developed and produced a variety of reagents with stable quality and low price. Combined use can greatly improve the efficiency and benefits of conventional biochemical tests.


At present, the high-performance automatic biochemical analyzer generally has the following functions: 1 barcode recognition function, simplifying the working procedure, improving the work accuracy, and ensuring the safety of the operator; 2 automatic cleaning function of the cuvette to effectively prevent cross-contamination; 3 Optional function, that is, single channel optional multiple test items function, greatly improve work flexibility; 4 various self-test, automatic re-check function and warning function; 5 emergency sample insertion function; 6 experimental program management, data Management, quality control management functions.


The automatic biochemical analyzer is mainly used for the detection of routine blood tests such as clinical blood test routine, myocardial enzyme spectrum, blood sugar and blood lipid, liver function and kidney function. This new type of medical equipment will not only further meet the actual needs of many medical units, but will also greatly advance the development of medical technology.

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