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What are the Advantages of Chemiluminescence Immunity (CLIA)?

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What are the Advantages of Chemiluminescence Immunity (CLIA)?
What are the Advantages of Chemiluminescence Immunity (CLIA)?

What is chemiluminescence immunity (CLIA)?

Chemiluminescence immunoassay(CLIA) is currently recognized as an advanced marker immunoassay technology in the world.

Because of its’ high accuracy and good specificity, chemiluminescence immunoassay technology has become one of the most important techniques in assay methods.


It has been widely used as an in vitro diagnostic test for immune function, infectious diseases, endocrine function, tumor markers, sex hormones, and thyroid function.


Chemiluminescence is a specific chemical reaction.

When an organic molecule absorbs chemical energy, it undergoes an energy level transition, and produces an electron-excited unstable intermediate of high energy level.

When it returns to the ground state, it emits photons, which is chemiluminescence. An immunoassay technique that combines chemiluminescence with an antigen-antibody is chemiluminescence immunoassay.


The chemiluminescence is generally classified into a flash type and a glow type.


The flash type illumination time is very short, only a fraction of a second to a few seconds.


Glow type is also known as continuous type, and the illumination time is from several minutes to several tens of minutes, or several hours to longer.

Flash-type samples must be measured immediately and must be accompanied by a fully automated sample and meter.


Specimens for measuring glow types can be used with general-purpose instruments or with fully automated instruments.


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) is a very rapid non-radioactive immunoassay that has developed worldwide for nearly a decade. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, wide detection range, simple and fast operation, good marker stability, no pollution, simple and economical instrument.

It is a replacement for radioimmunoassay and common enzyme immunoassays and is an important development direction for immunoassays.


CLIA has developed rapidly and has taken the first place in various immunoassays. It is currently the best replacement for radioimmunoassay and enzyme-linked immunoassay.


What are the advanteges of chemiluminescence immunity (CLIA)?

.high sensitivity

High sensitivity is a key advantage of chemiluminescence immunoassays with sensitivity up to 10 mol/L -12 (RIA 10 mol/L).

Chemiluminescence immunoassay can detect substances that cannot be detected by radioimmunoassay and enzyme-linked immunoassay, and is of great significance for the early diagnosis of diseases.


.wide linear range

The luminous intensity is linear between the 4 and 6 orders of magnitude and the concentration of the measured substance. This is advantageous compared to the range of colorimetric enzyme immunoassay absorbance (OD value) of 2.0.

Although RIA also has a wide range of linear dynamics, radioactivity limits its application.


.the optical signal lasts for a long time

The glow type CLIA produces optical signals that last for hours or even a day. This will simplyfly the process of operation.


. simple and fast

Most analytical assays are a one-step mode in which only one reagent (or complex reagent) needs to be added.


.accurate  results

The sample directly emits light by itself, does not require any light source to illuminate, and eliminates the influence of various possible factors (light source stability, light scattering, light wave selector, etc.) on the analysis, making the analysis result more accurate.


Elimination of the use of radioactive materials. So far, its harmfulness has not been found; the reagents are stable and the storage period can be up to one year.



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