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What Demands should a Perfect POCT Device Meet?

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Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
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What Demands should a Perfect POCT Device Meet?
What Demands should a Perfect POCT Device Meet?

What Demands should a Perfect POCT Device Meet?


When choosing a high quality POCT device, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. But these 3 basic aspects are the basic points.




The first point is fast speed, this is the basic requirement of POCT devices, and it is where POCT is different from traditional testing machine.

However, what is the standard of fast speed? Is the analyser faster the better?

We all know that in the immune POCT, the most basic principle is the antigen-antibody binding reaction. The reaction requires two basic conditions: first, a sufficient time to incubate; and second, a suitable temperature to optimize the activity of the various enzymes. Therefore, the detection time is not shorter the better, instead the short time may mean that the antigen-antibody incubation reaction time is not enough, and it is difficult to get accurately results.
So what is the right time? According to the studies the large-scale illuminating instrument of the laboratory, the average time is about 15 minutes.

If the reaction time is too short (such as about 5 minutes), it is difficult to get accurate results. However, if this time is exceeded, it will delay the rescue of the patient. Therefore, when choosing a POCT, you cannot simply pursue the so-called fast speed, the enough time for antigen-antibody incubation should also be considered, 9-15 minutes is appropriate.


The second demand is easy. The keyword “easy” mainly covers three aspects.

First, the easy operation. Generally there are three steps of operation, drawing blood, adding sample, inserting reagent. If there are other operation steps, it must be as few as possible, so that the medical staff of the department can quickly learn to operate the machine and reduce the mistakes of human operation.


Second, the machine needs to be portable and easy to move. The clinical departments of hospitals and laboratory have high demands of portability of the POCT devices. Many fully automatic POCT analyser are mostly bulky, weighing 30 kilograms or even heavier.

Third, easy to maintain. The analyser should try not to have a liquid path, otherwise the machine is susceptible to corrosion, and frequent calibration or quality control is required , or these will cause trouble to the medical staff of the department.


The third point is accurate. The accurate result is the basic reference for doctors' diagnosis. There are mainly three factors that will influence the accuracy of testing. The following factors are comprehensive, and the quality of the product cannot be determined based on a single factor.

1.Reaction carrier. At present, common reaction carriers on the market include chromatographic membrane, reaction cup and microfluidic chip. From the quantitative accuracy, the above three methods, the precise control of the reactants, microfluidics > reaction cup > chromatographic membrane.

2.Reaction form. Currently there are mainly dry immunological and liquid reagents on the market. In theory, the liquid phase reaction antigen-antibody binding will be more uniform and sufficient.

3.The principles of reaction is the most important point. Since the development of immunoassay, there have been various detection methods. Among them, chemiluminescence is recognized as the linear range and sensitivity. In terms of the merits of various methods, the chemiluminescence > time resolution > quantum dots > ordinary immunofluorescence > Colloidal gold

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