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What is Dry Chemistry Analyzer?

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Good quality Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer for sales
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What is Dry Chemistry Analyzer?
What is Dry Chemistry Analyzer?

Biochemical analysis is one of the most important methods used in clinical diagnosis. According to whether the chemical reaction between the sample and the reagent is a solid phase chemical reaction, the biochemical analysis can be divided into wet chemical analysis (general) and dry chemical biochemical analysis.

With the increasing clinical requirements for emergency biochemical test results and the rapid development of clinical biochemical testing techniques, emergency biochemical testing technology has gradually evolved from traditional wet chemistry to dry biochemistry.


The principle of dry chemical analysis

  • Dry chemical methods utilize reagent slides that are composed of several layers which may include:
    1-spreading layer
    2-scavenger layer
    3-reagent layer(s)
    4-plastic or support layer
  • Spreading layer is for adding sample or control or standard.
  • Scavenger layer allows selected components to filter through and penetrate to the reaction layer(s), which in turn activate the dehydrated reagents.
  • Reagent layer(s) contains lyophilized or dry enzymes, and buffers necessary for the analysis of a specific analyte in the sample.

    A chemical reaction is initiated to produce a colour.

    Light is passed from beneath the support or plastic layer and is directed through the reagent layer (s).

    As the light hits the white spreading layer, some of the light reflects back through the reagent layer(s) to a photocell while some is absorbed.

    The amount of reflected light, which is indirectly proportional to colour intensity, is used to determine the concentration of the analyte.

What is Dry Chemistry Analyzer?

The Maintenance of Dry Chemistry Analyzer

The dry biochemical analyzer does not need to prepare reagents, but uses the dry reagent strips that the manufacturer has configured. Since the dry biochemical analyzer itself does not store reagents and does not perform pipeline cleaning, it is much simpler and faster in use. It is only necessary to add a liquid sample to the dry reagent strip, and the sample can penetrate the layered film and display a corresponding color after the color reaction, so that the concentration of the component to be tested in the sample can be calculated.
Since the dry biochemical analyzer has abandoned the pipeline system and has a simple structure, its maintenance work is much simpler. In general, you only need to do the optical path inspection regularly, and do the internal cleaning of the machine as needed.




Dry biochemical analyzers are more flexible in use, but limited by the cost of dry reagent strips, it can be applied in the emergency department of hospitals. Or as an auxiliary instrument for a large hospital, it is a flexible inspection system. Moreover, because of these adcantages:

1.Light Weight

2.Small Volume

3.Fast Speed

4.Simple Operation

The analyzer is more suitable for point of care testing, battlefield or small outpatient needs.


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