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What is SAA(Serum Amyloid A)?

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What is SAA(Serum Amyloid A)?
What is SAA(Serum Amyloid A)?

1.What is SAA?

The full name of SAA is Serum Amyloid A, it is mainly produced by the liver. SAA is one of the major acute phase proteins (APP). SAA is secreted in the acute stage of inflammation, and SAA concentration may increase by 100 times in the early stage of inflammation and tissue injury. Therefore, SAA is an important inflammatory indicator and prognostic marker.


Studies have shown that SAA is the fastest response when cats develop multiple inflammatory or infectious diseases, and SAA is the most effective marker of inflammation in cats. In contrast, the change in CRP is small.

What is SAA(Serum Amyloid A)?

2. Features of SAA


Different APPs respond differently to inflammation and tissue damage. The same APP also differs among different species and different individuals of the same species. SAA has the following characteristics in cats:

. The concentration of SAA in healthy cats is low;

. Rapid increase after inflammatory stimulation (3-6h), reaching maximum concentration after 24-48 hours;

. The concentration of SAA in cats with inflammatory diseases such as FIP, acute pancreatitis and surgical trauma is usually significantly increased. However, some non-inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism can also cause an increase in SAA;


3. Possible factors that cause SAA changes

. There is no difference in SAA in enteritis, oral disease, or liver disease (hepatic disorders have a negative effect on the synthesis of acute phase proteins including SAA);


. Tumor, cat lower urinary tract disease, diabetes can also cause SAA differential changes (increased);


. Significant differences in SAA caused by tissue damage, renal failure, and infectious infections (increased)

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